Painting of Guy Roy : Vive la nature.

A total Success for the 13th Guy Roy Solo Exhibition in Edmonton

Published le 22 février 2016 par melanieroy_guyroy | Category : Exhibitions

The 13th solo exhibition of the painter, Guy Roy, was held from February 6 to 18, 2016  at the West End Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta.  Guy was the first painter to present his paintings in the gallery’s brand new buildings. For the occasion, he presented 38 large paintings of different sizes including a  72 x 96 inch diptych.  All were  painted in oil and with a spatula. During the opening, on February 6, more than 250 people attended the inauguration of the exhibition, which is the largest crowd for an opening in the history of the gallery.

For 10 years Guy Roy has teamed up with the West End Gallery in both Victoria and Edmonton. West End Gallery has been established for over 40 years in Western Canada and it  promotes Canadian artists in both figuration as well as abstraction. Aware of its commitment, the gallery has just moved to a new and larger space.  In recent years the owners’ son, Matthew, has joined the team.

Guy is very proud of this latest exhibition and hopes to continue working with the  West End gallery for a long time. We can say that the large colorful paintings of Guy are popular now in western Canada.


To be continued …

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