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A return to the past

Published le 26 janvier 2017 par melanieroy_guyroy | Category : Miscellaneous


We never know when the past can resurface. Let me explain.

Several months ago, my daughter Melanie has started to work for the Ministry of Tourism in Quebec city. During her initial training, she paid attention to the posters on the walls inside the building in which she is working. One of the posters grabbed her attention. It seemed familiar to her… «It’s my dad!» she said. Surprised, she informed her collegues that the man on the poster is her father. Of course, everyone was surprised. She called me to let me know. I was surprised too, but I finally remembered the precise circumstances of this picture.

This happened 25 years ago. I was painting in Saint-Irénée in the beautiful Charlevoix region, when two men came to me and asked me the permission to take some pictures of me during my work. They told me they were photographers working for the Quebec Governement. I agreed  and signed some papers to gave them my autorization to use the pictures.

This is now I found myself beeing part of the Quebec Tourism advertising campaign. Since, I also did the cover page of the wellknown Montreal newspaper « The Gazette ».  Of course, there were probably other publications of this photo that are unknown to me, but the two of which I knew made me smile.

As they say, we never know…


Quebec tourism advertising campaigns

Quebec tourism advertising campaigns

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