Guy Roy was born in East Brougton in the Thetford Mines region, on April 8, 1948. Following primary school, he went to high school in Quebec and after, studied in Psychology at Laval University where he earned a BA in 1971 . He taught Psychology for two years at the Collège de la région de l’Amiante then became an educational consultant, a position he held for 32 years before retiring in April, 2003.

Quite by accident, in 1982, Guy discovered painting: and it was love at first sight. In Thetford Mines, he regularly attended workshops given by Raymond Lachance and for four years he continued his training with Marcel Rousseau at the Moulin des Arts in Saint-Etienne de Lauzon. During this period he also followed intensive sessions with other artists such as Jean-Paul Ladouceur, Maurice Lebon, Nicole Foreman, etc.

Painting allows Guy to discover an unknown, but extremely fascinating, world. « The more I paint, the more I enjoy painting. » This new passion, which he implements in his paintings is characterized through light, bright colors, contrasts, and large formats. « The stronger the contrasts, » he adds, « the greater the light’s intensity. One must be daring, but, above all, one must paint for pleasure. I found in painting a form of expression that sticks to my skin. » Guy never stops discovering. « Painting is a constant search. One must overcome fears; develop spontaneity; and above all take risks, while accepting error. The wonderful thing about painting, is being able to start over and say, ‘With this one, I will succeed.’ However, a painter, must accept limitations and disappointments while reaching for newer heights with each new stroke of the brush. »