Artist Approach

40 years ago when I first started painting, I quickly realized what it was about painting that interested me so much. I can sum up my approach and my progression as a painter in these few words: immensity of nature, color, light, contrast, depth and boldness. I have always liked painting scenic splendor. This is why I paint and I continue to paint large canvases, so I can show just how grand nature is and how small we humans are. Over the years, I have finally understood why, in my paintings, my characters are always small and a bit lost in the landscape.

Color was my second discovery. I define myself as a colorist painter and all these years of work only confirm the importance color plays in my artwork. Color has also allowed me to discover light and contrast because it is these two elements which bring out the light. Unlike many artists, I care less about the direction of the light and tend to focus more on the contrasts and harmonies of colors that will bring out the light.

I am a painter who likes to work outdoors and particularly in the beautiful Charlevoix region of Quebec. I have been going there regularly for over 40 years, especially in the fall when the colors are at their peak. The mountains, the special light of the Charlevoix region, the winding roads and the houses typical of that area are what made me discover another facet in my painting – which is the study of depth. This concern of depth forced me to study the chromatic perspective that allows me to create a number of different of plans on a canvas which has only two dimensions… that of height and width.

I have always painted for my own personal pleasure and, with each work, I take on new challenges. Now, I am able to accept taking more risks and I am more daring in the choice of my subjects, color, format, and the tools I use.

My dream today is exactly the same as it was 40 years ago: to unite, one way or another, figurative and abstract art. After 40 years, I still do not know how; and that’s why I tirelessly continue this research, hoping one day to have the answer and stop living with my eternal dissatisfaction. I am conscious that the perfect painting does not exist even though we work hard to create it.