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What Criteria Defines A good Painting?

Published le 27 février 2016 par melanieroy_guyroy | Category : Technical

I want to talk about what makes a painting good or not so good. Several criteria are defined that influence the quality of a painting. There is the composition, drawing, linear as well as chromatic perspective, harmony of colors, the value of these colors, light, contrast, and balance etc.
A successful painting should comply as much as possible to most of these. If the starting composition is not good, if the design is bad, if the prospect is not fair, if the choice of colors is poor, if the light is not present and if the image is disproportioned, it will be impossible to achieve a good picture.

There is only one way to succeed in combining all these elements together: work, work and more work. For over 40 years I have tried to develop a technique that allows me to achieve the desired effects and every day I continue this relentless pursuit of good painting still hoping to succeed while also knowing that the perfect picture does not exist. And fortunately so, because the day you succeed the perfect job, that’s the day you stop painting. Therefore, I will learn to live with my eternal dissatisfaction, but that’s a whole different story… What do you think?

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