Guy Roy's picture of Quebec Tourism

Published 26 janvier 2017 par melanieroy_guyroy
Category: Miscellaneous

A return to the past

  We never know when the past can resurface. Let me explain. Several months ago, my daughter Melanie has started to work for the Ministry of Tourism in Quebec city. During her initial training, she paid attention to the posters on the walls inside the building in which she is working. One of the posters […]

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13th solo exhibition of Guy Roy.

Published 28 février 2016 par melanieroy_guyroy
Category: Exhibitions

The Preparation of the Guy Roy Exhibition in Edmonton

Here are some images of the many steps necessary for the preparation of the exhibition at the West End Gallery. Guy Roy has spent several months working on the paintings presented in this exhibition. The paintings have traveled more than 3800 km from Thetford Mines, Quebec to Edmonton, Alberta. Once arrived at the gallery, they […]

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Painting of Guy Roy : Soleil et nuances

Published 27 février 2016 par melanieroy_guyroy
Category: Technical

What Criteria Defines A good Painting?

I want to talk about what makes a painting good or not so good. Several criteria are defined that influence the quality of a painting. There is the composition, drawing, linear as well as chromatic perspective, harmony of colors, the value of these colors, light, contrast, and balance etc. A successful painting should comply as […]

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