Painting of Guy Roy. Cap à Terre-Neuve.

Why Did I choose Oil Painting?

Published le 26 février 2016 par melanieroy_guyroy | Category : Technical

When I started painting, I had the choice of several mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pastel oil, ink, charcoal, etc. What should I choose and why? I decided to try them all. Without knowing what I wanted to paint, I, nevertheless, quickly discovered that painting in nature was what I liked the most. On the other hand, when working in nature, there are several characteristics and climatic conditions that must be taken into consideration.
First, I tried watercolor. This technique is based on the control of water. Technical difficulties quickly emerged: the white of the paper to conserve the light, variable drying time according to the sun and humidity, paper quality, and tools, etc. I quickly found that everything was too complicated for me and I had no fun working.

I subsequently tried acrylic. I found that the benefits of this medium can, in some cases, turn into disadvantages: the fast drying time for instance, (and very fast if there is sun), working in layers, difficulty with thickening, and colors become darker while drying. All these difficulties convinced me to move on to another medium. This left me with oil painting. The drying time for oil, like acrylic, may also be a disadvantage. But personally, the fact that oil takes time to dry pleased me because it allowed me to go back and thicken without the paint drying too fast. After all these years, I still believe that this medium suits me best. When I work, I am always dirty but… I love it!
And you, what medium do you use?

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